What Your Brand Can Expect From Instagram’s IGTV

You probably know what IGTV is if you’ve seen Netflix’s cheeky hour-long video of Cole Sprouse eating a cheeseburger. The video has over 500,000 views and 5,000 comments on Instagram’s new long-format, vertical video streaming platform.

Netflix is not the only company trying out Instagram’s latest feature. Bloomberg, Nike, BuzzFeed, and even Vogue have all hopped on the bandwagon.

By 2021, it is projected that video will make up 78% of all mobile traffic. According to research from UXMatters, the vast majority of smartphone users hold their devices in a vertical position. The introduction of Instagram’s new vertical video app couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.


Massive Reach: With more than a billion active users, the possibilities for IGTV are virtually limitless. You already have the audience, so all you need to do is make content that they enjoy and want to spread.
The Visual Benefit: The perfect video may make it easier and faster to convey your idea. Videos are fun and quirky, whereas emails and messages may be tedious.
Price-friendly: a good camera (even your phone’s) isn’t required to capture high returns.
Unlike Facebook and YouTube, IGTV just came out, so it has less competition right now. Get a head start on the competition by establishing your brand early.

2 Tips for Using IGTV

You have the option of using IGTV within the Instagram app or downloading the dedicated IGTV app. Below is a capture from the Instagram mobile app. A little IGTV logo appears in the top right corner. You’ll get an update whenever increase your followers uploads a new video.


After logging into the app, select your image from the menu. You’ll be prompted to make a channel of your own. If you comply with the prompts, you will be brought to your IGTV feed.

If someone clicks on your thumbnail, they’ll be directed to your channel. To start adding videos, just hit the “+” button. The hitch is that you may use your phone’s camera or another camera app to create the movie and then post it to IGTV.

Your IGTV channel will be visible to anybody who follows you on Instagram. Below your profile picture and bio, the channel will appear:

How to get more views on IGTV and expand your brand:

Focus on Branding: Develop a Company Image that Inspires Confidence and Authenticity.
Video Editing on a Timetable: Make sure to upload fresh videos at regular intervals so your viewers know what to anticipate from you.
Although an hour-long video is possible on IGTV, you shouldn’t rush into making one. Start with videos that are no more than two to three minutes long and are very concise.
Call-to-Put a link to your site in the video’s description so that viewers can easily check out how awesome your company is.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of IGTV’s Features

Increase morale and productivity by showing off the personnel that make your business come alive on Instagram TV. Tell some humorous anecdotes about the group. Allow them to respond to comments with answers to questions asked by customers.
Products and Services Exhibit Create series of videos showcasing each of your product lines. Use a unique landing page for each video.
Use this space to tell stories about your brand’s latest developments and announcements.
Upload your previously-posted films and Instagram Stories to IGTV for reuse.

Four Indicators of IGTV Video Performance

Check out the clip by clicking here. The video description is below. Insights are readily available in the standard Instagram app, just as they are for businesses. You can see how it works in the diagram below.

The following metrics are now available for analysis:

After only a month, businesses are beginning to take advantage of IGTV. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards will be available on IGTV. Louis Vuitton has used this medium to create a twelve-minute film for its Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 fashion presentation.

Brands are having a lot of success on IGTV, but it’s too early to tell what the future of the app will be like. How willing the public is to install yet another app and maintain consistent use is a key variable. Time will tell if IGTV will revolutionise the video sharing platform or fizzle out like Instagram Stories.

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