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What You Need To Know About Keeping Track Of Your Many Social Media Profiles?

Maintaining many social media accounts requires much time and effort to keep up with trends, provide material, and communicate with audiences via direct messages and comments. This is a game-changer, especially for busy social media managers, agency owners, and freelancers.

If you have more than 30 social media accounts to manage in a day, it might be overwhelming, no matter how great it is to have so many clients.

When finishing your day’s tasks, you notice that the Instagram videos were uploaded to the wrong account. Maintaining a number of social media profiles is a time-consuming and difficult task. There is, however, an easier way to handle all of your social network profiles without going crazy.

Methods for Coordinating the Posting of Many Social Media Accounts for a Variety of Customers

It’s not simple to do social media for a customer, and it’s even more difficult to juggle numerous clients at once. If you’re a digital marketing business owner or manager that handles tens of customers at once, you may benefit from using a client management system. Here are some suggestions for handling several social media profiles.

Consciously Plan Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Establishing a plan is the initial step in handling many social media profiles. Include a complete inventory of all the social media profiles you currently manage, along with specific objectives for each network, in your social media marketing plan. Create a custom social media plan for each client that details policies, processes, and a reference manual, and then hand it off to your team as the direction for their work.

A documented strategy may keep all parties on the same page, even if the goals of each account are distinct. If you know the customer will be on board soon after presenting the social media proposal, then you should immediately begin developing a plan.

Positions and Duties

You need to delegate specific responsibilities to each member of your social media management and personnel team. Having everyone on your team pull their weight means laying out their specific tasks in advance.

You’ll get greater outcomes since your team members will feel more invested. Moreover, ensuring that the right responsibilities are given to the right employees will prevent misunderstandings within the team and ensure that the company’s clients are completely satisfied.

The best social networking software will enable you to clearly define user and user group roles and responsibilities.

Objectives that stand out more prominently

It’s like trying to hit moving targets without first identifying them. Setting specific, quantifiable objectives with your clients is an essential first step in developing an effective plan of action.

Each client is different, with its own individual goals, motivations, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for hiring a social media manager or agency. Regardless of how long it will take, you and your clients need to focus more on short-term, specific, and achievable goals.

Establishing definite, quantifiable objectives for your clientele is essential to developing an effective marketing plan. Before taking any action, you must decide what it is you want to achieve, as different strategies will provide different results.

Doing so will ensure that your success can be quantified, allowing you to keep your clients in the loop. Of course, you want these goals to go directly to your client’s end goal. Identifying failure early allows you more time to adjust strategy.

Most people find that quarterly objectives are easier to track and provide more time for planning, implementing, reviewing, and revising. Proceed then.

It’s not easy to run a social media firm and keep track of all your clients, but it is possible. Many of your difficulties may be resolved if you just become organised and use the resources at your disposal.

Invest in Top-Rated Programs for Managing Your Social Media

A well-executed social media marketing campaign is only as good as the technology that makes it possible.

It might take a lot of time to copy and paste the same material into many accounts on different social networking networks. In short, what is it? If you want to keep track of all your followers’ interactions and posts in one place, you need invest in a social media management tool.

You Can Manage All Your Social Media Accounts From One Place

Technology has made social media management much easier. Technology like as online calendars, phone applications, and scheduling, editing, and engagement tools may make your day easier and more productive as a social media agency.

The single most helpful feature for keeping track of several social media profiles is easy access to all of your data in one convenient location. Think of it like going to the supermarket: You may save time by purchasing your bread, orange juice, ice cream, and napkins all from the same place instead of making four separate trips.

Producing Updates for Social Media

Maintaining a constant presence in the thoughts of potential customers requires regular social media posting. Making high-quality postings is more crucial than posting frequently. To increase your chances of gaining new clients via social media, you should strive to stand out from the crowd.

While working as a social media manager or for an agency, it can be quite difficult to create content for several clients on various platforms. It’s beneficial to use social media management tools that integrate with sites like Canva, which are used to make visual material.


If you are handling social media for numerous customers at once, things are sure to get complicated.

It’s a guarantee that things will get complicated when you’re handling social media for numerous clients at once. Any one of your customers, for instance, quite well may have ten or fifteen separate social media identities. When you factor in the amount of customers you’re responsible for, you can see how quickly things may get out of hand.

Complicating matters further is the fact that each of your clients will have unique objectives and demographics. What you need is a system for organising your clientele by kind of transaction or other identifier.

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