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TikTok Influencer Marketing In The Year 2022

Techniques of Research

This study uses data from all funded TikToks uploaded in 2021 to draw conclusions. The videos and data about TikTok influencers in this research were collected using the NeoReach Social Intelligence API. In order to be legally broadcast, videos have to include the appropriate FTC disclaimers. To be more specific, we looked at all commercially-supported TikTok content published in 2021. We further filtered this information to exclude content created by users outside the United States and Canada and only included content created by users from the US and Canada.

The research does not cover all TikTok advertisements in 2021. Only brands and businesses whose sponsored TikTok video had at least 10,000 views are included. However, the analysis highlights the leading companies, sectors, and content producers for influencer marketing on TikTok into the year 2021.

The Goals of the Campaign

Influencer marketing initiatives often aim to accomplish one of four primary goals. Nearly ninety percent of TikTok ads were created with brand awareness and recognition in mind. It makes sense, considering the massive exposure that TikTok campaigns receive. Seven percent of videos were timed with a special offer. Download/Install, and Contest/Giveaway, make up the remaining 3%.

Successful Campaign Aims

In 2021, the primary goal of many campaigns was to increase brand recognition and awareness. A Walmart-sponsored video by user @celinaspookyboo performed exceptionally well.

Popular Fashion Videos

@emma.marie26, with over 3 million followers, has the most viewed fashion-related video on TikTok. In total, 31.8 million people have viewed her video. The video received a lot of attention, with 818K diggs and 876 shares.

Best Online Tech Show

Creator @zachking, who has an incredible 66.4M followers, made the most popular video in the Technology industry on TikTok. More than 46 million people have seen his video, which has garnered 657 thousand diggs and 3,500 shares.

Amazon, a company that has made a significant effect on TikTok influencer marketing in the past year, sponsored the video.

Favorite Drinks and Eats Clip

@moontellthat has 11.4M followers and their video on TikTok on the food and beverage industry has had 14.1M views. Strong interactions were generated by the video, which resulted in 320K diggs and 1.2K shares.

Pizza Hut, a leader in the food and beverage business as well as the TikTok influencer marketing industry, sponsored the video.

Latest and Greatest in Beauty Film

Influencer @mikaylanogueira, who has an audience of 11.5M, has the most viewed beauty-related TikTok video of all time. It’s remarkable that her video has been seen 140 million times and has garnered 300 thousand diggs and 3.4 thousand shares. Good Molecules, a skincare company, sponsored the video.

Styles of Content

There are three categories for sponsored films on TikTok: (1) Dedicated, (2) Integrated, and (3) Description Only. Nearly 92% of all platform-sponsored films are Dedicated videos, in which the whole video is devoted to a brand sponsorship. Integrated content is second most prevalent. An integrated video is one that mentions a brand sponsorship without being solely focused on that sponsorship. Finally, less than 2% of all videos have a brand sponsorship that is solely stated in the description.

Influential Users of the Video Sharing App TikTok

In 2021, the influencer marketing sector was most influenced by the work of these five producers, who all used TikTok to promote their products and services. Together, they reached an audience of 151.4M people over the year and had 323.6M views. The variety of influencers, companies, and celebrities on this list demonstrates the breadth of TikTok’s top producers.

One of the Best in Its Field

Let’s investigate the top five markets in further depth. Despite the home and garden business having more total views (237M), the fashion industry’s advertisements reached more consumers (2B). The home and garden sector outperformed the other four sectors in terms of viewership and interaction rates, making it the clear victor.

High-Quality, Name-Brand TikToks

That this video has become the most popular branded TikTok of 2021 is not shocking. In addition to its stellar analytics, the film also won first place in four other categories: Branding & Awareness, Brand Tagged in Caption CTA, and Dedicated Content.

Another of the year’s most popular branded TikToks, this one was sponsored by Pizza Hut. This was the most popular video in the food and drink sector, so we caught it early on as well. There were a lot of people who saw the video and interacted with it.

Warning from the Editor

Over the past several years, TikTok has played a crucial role in the expansion of the creative economy. In 2016, the app was released in the USA. It was the most popular app in terms of downloads in 2018. In the subsequent three years, the platform’s popularity skyrocketed, allowing it to join the ranks of social media giants like Instagram and YouTube, each of which boasts over a billion monthly users. TikTok’s place in the expanding creative economy has been cemented as more and more creators and businesses join the platform.

This is the best platform for artists to develop because of the unique algorithm it uses to promote each user. This is because to the fact that anyone can become famous on TikTok. If a company runs a campaign on the site, not only will their followers see it, but so will their “For You” pages of individuals all over the world. According to the findings of this analysis, this is precisely why TikTok is such an effective influencer marketing platform. As TikTok grows, more and more content makers and companies will realize the platform’s potential.

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