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Brand Collabrations On TikTok Creators To Drive Big Results

More than half of all TikTok users have made purchases from brands they discovered on the app.

With this in mind, astute businesses will form alliances with creators or similar businesses to expand their customer bases, boost customer participation, and boost revenue.

Take advantage of the strength of group efforts on TikTok.

Furthermore, their strength is not imaginary. Collaborations between brands and TikTok users are more likely to be remembered and watched than other types of content on the app.

That’s not the best part. TikTok collaborations can be successful even without a sizable online fan base.

Get ready to try your hand at creating your own! To help you formulate a plan, we’ve compiled a list of seven of our favourite recent TikTok brand collaborations:

Top Spot: Scrub Daddy and Duolingo

Scrub Daddy, the amusing dish scrubber in the shape of a happy face, is as well-known as the language-learning app Duolingo for its seemingly random content.

Recently, the brands joined forces to welcome the mayhem as one.
Their products couldn’t be more dissimilar, but they found common ground in their writing styles.

This is the end result. That TikTok completely silenced the room.

The important thing was that people were discussing it, for better or worse.

Scrub Daddy’s original video has received 1.1 million views, while Duolingo’s re-upload has received an impressive 3.1 million.

The takeaway here is to seek out unlikely partners in the social media space, preferably those who share your “vibe” and audience.

Number Two: Erica Maria x Alleyoop

Allyoop, a makeup company, used the tried-and-true tactic of gifting creators in order to secure one of their most impressive TikTok brand collaborations.

Makeup artist and TikTok micro-influencer Erica Marie tried a bunch of stuff from Alleyoop and made a video gushing about their best-selling 3-in-1 stackable compact:
The resulting video is an excellent illustration of a successful influencer partnership and a genuine user review. Over three thousand people have watched it!

Super Coffee Made with a Magical Spoon, No. 3

Holding a giveaway is a great way to get people talking about your brand on social media.

For the sake of entering a giveaway, people will leave comments, tag friends, and follow you.

What could be better than a single freebie? Participation from all!

Like how Magic Spoon, a cereal company, recently collaborated with Super Coffee, a coffee company.

While the number of likes was about the same as Magic Spoon’s other TikTok content, the number of comments was sky high, increasing by a whopping 364%!

Lesson Learned: Collaborating with another brand that appeals to your ideal customer can multiply the impact of any giveaway.

Fourth: Naomi Leanage and Saint Lucia Tourism

By teaming up with Toronto-based influencer Naomi Leanage, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority was able to promote their most recent contest and reach a wider audience.
In fifth place, we have Our Place by Nguyen Yeats-Brown.

Using demonstrations of your product in action is a great way to win over TikTok viewers, and that’s exactly what Our Place does.

The bright, non-stick cookware manufacturer frequently collaborates with creators of varying levels of popularity, from those with a few thousand to more than a hundred thousand subscribers, to make recipe tutorials that also serve as product endorsements.

Supergoop x Abena Kusi

Putting on sunscreen is more of a chore than a pleasure for the vast majority of people.

Because of this, we take notice whenever sun care company Supergoop collaborates with TikTok creators to make using SPF every day more exciting.

Recently, Supergoop has teamed up with TikTok star Abena Kusi to show customers the effects of their product and how it makes them feel.

Number Seven: Mejuri x Paul Kunwoo Lee

Mejuri, a jewellery company, has figured out how to get impressive (and ongoing) results from TikTok collaborations.

They have found that forming lasting relationships with micro-influencers like Paul Kunwoo Lee has helped them generate a steady flow of publicity on social media.
Mejuri employs an affiliate programme to financially reward content producers for promoting the company’s wares; affiliates receive a cut of sales made through their referral links or promo codes.

Since there is no initial investment and each creator is compensated based on the traffic they drive for the brand, the company can work with more influencers and increase the variety of content on their TikTok feed.

Both parties benefit from the arrangement

TikTok brand collaborations can be an effective social media strategy for any company, no matter how big or small the budget.

Any one of the seven approaches used by successful brands can be successfully implemented by businesses.

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