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Learn How To Schedule Posts On Instagram Without The Need Of Other Programmes.

You no longer need a separate app or service to schedule Instagram posts thanks to this new app feature. While it is still in the testing phase, the experimental feature seems promising. If you see the new scheduling option in your account, feel free to use it. In this piece, we’ll walk you through the process of setting it up and using it to launch successful advertising campaigns.

At now (October 2022), not all Instagram users have access to the scheduling feature. For instance, just 25% of our Taplink staff has access to it. This is because the functionality is currently in beta.

There is no guarantee that the tested feature will remain in the app when the testing phase ends. You may count on us to keep you apprised by updating this article as necessary.

Only business Instagram accounts have access to the scheduling function. Learn more about upgrading to a paid account here. Once your account is all set up, you may see if the update is available.

Where to locate Instagram photos that have been planned and where to find their corresponding highlight clips

Your Instagram account now includes the planned posts and highlights clips. You may access and modify them there:

  • Modify your movie or photo collection. Instagram’s standard editing controls for photos and videos will appear.
  • Don’t wait any longer to release it. Add the material to your feed and page right now.
  • Alter the time of publishing. Set a new time and date.
  • Remove. You will lose access to your scheduled photographs and videos, and they will not be published.

Promoting your business with Instagram’s built-in scheduling tool

If you want to make money on social media, you should launch campaigns to bring in more customers. Let’s check out how the Instagram post scheduler may be used to automate your sales processes

  • A campaign page is a necessary first step. A buy button and product details should be included on the page. This might be an external landing page or an internal page on your site.
  • You will send your followers and friends on social media to this specific campaign page. Specifically on Instagram, you’ll want to update your bio to include a link to your profile. In the captions of your posts, you tell people to click that link.
  • You may be wondering what a campaign page has to do with Instagram’s post scheduling tool.

Here comes the good stuff, I guess. Instagram posts can be published to your profile and information on the campaign website at the same time.

This synchronisation ensures consistency between the campaign page and any updates made on Instagram. At the same moment that the page’s content updates, an Instagram post that you’ve planned will go live on your account. After a user sees a new post, they may click through to the website and read all the pertinent details.

Please be aware that not all websites or link in bio tools offer this kind of synchronisation with pre-scheduled Instagram posts. Taplink’s campaign pages are useful since you can set certain times for different parts to appear.

What does this look like? Let’s say you’ve decided to hold a sale beginning on the following Monday. A user notification on Friday, a gentle reminder on Sunday, and a formal launch announcement on Monday would be ideal.

Developing an Instagram campaign page is the first step. That’s where you’ll put the text and controls. Finally, you’ll choose when they’ll be shown.

Following then, Instagram postings can be pre-scheduled. These updates include details regarding this weekend’s sale, a friendly reminder on Sunday, and the official word on Monday. When this is finished, you won’t have to worry about the postings any more. These will be posted to your profile promptly.

Schedule posts on Instagram if you don’t see those options.

If you can’t use Instagram’s scheduling features or Advanced settings because:

Make the jump to a business account. This latest Instagram function is only accessible to verified business profiles.
The Instagram app needs to be updated. The ability to set up appointments is new to this version of the programme.
Maybe it will become available for your account at a later time. You can’t have it just yet.

Refer to the details provided at the introduction of this piece. We’ll let you know as soon as the update is sent out to everyone, including you, or when it’s no longer accessible in the Instagram app.

Instagram Stories: can you set them up in advance?

Instagram Stories can’t be pre-scheduled. This requires the use of an external programme or service. We advise using Business Suite’s planner. As Meta owns both Business Suite and Instagram, utilising either one is risk-free.

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