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Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Story Highlights

Would you like to get more out of your Instagram stories?

Want to share Instagram Stories material on your main feed?

With Instagram’s Highlights function, you can compile a number of Instagram Stories into a single piece of content that followers can explore at their leisure.

Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about beginning making highlight albums on Instagram for your company.

Make a Best-Of Album on Instagram

Although not all users may have it just yet, most should have the Instagram Highlights feature by now as it began rolling out to all users in December. Instagram profiles with this feature enabled will have a Story Highlights section appear under the user’s bio. The circles will be grey if you haven’t yet made any highlights.
From your profile or any ongoing tale, you can start a fresh album of highlights.

Please share a profile highlight

The plus icon in your profile’s Story Highlights section allows you to quickly and easily construct a highlight album.

Your Instagram story archive pops up whenever you add a new highlight. To create a highlight album, choose the posts you wish to include and hit Next.
All of your past posts will be automatically saved to your profile as part of the Highlights rollout. You can make adjustments by going to your Instagram profile and then to the Story tab.

Include a Notable Plot Point

A new highlight can be made from a currently running story on your Instagram profile. To highlight a part of your tale, open it and click the heart-shaped highlight icon.
To start fresh, go to the Add to Highlights screen and click New.

Describe Your Best Work

The next step is to give your album of highlights a title. The maximum length is 16, although less than that will be displayed on your profile before the “…” is displayed. Keep the title succinct for this reason.
This is the screen you get when you click “Create Highlight” to make a new highlight out of an existing narrative.

Alter the Cover Art for Your Highlight Album

The first image you add to the highlight will be the album cover. The picture probably won’t be centred properly. Click Edit Cover to rotate, enlarge, and crop your cover photo for a better appearance.

Just hit the “Done” button when you’re done. Creating a new highlight album on your profile has just been completed.

Edit a Highlight Album by Including or Removing Posts

Once a highlight has been created, additional postings from your tale or even deletions from the album can be added at any time.

The extra button (three dots) can be accessed by tapping the highlighted area and adding extra content.

To view previous updates to your highlight reel, select Archive from the Edit menu. The highlight will be dimmed and marked off for any posts that are already a part of it. Choose whatever posts you want to highlight and then press the Done button.

To remove a highlighted post, choose the highlight and go to the desired post. To delete a post, select it and then tap the More button (three dots) in its upper right corner.

To remove the highlighted post, click Remove from Highlight and then confirm your selection.

Instagram Showcases Successful Methods

Additional albums can be added by repeating the steps given above. I was able to successfully add over 20 albums during testing. Your profile page will only show off your top four highlight albums. When there are five or more selected highlights, they will move off to the right.

The same item can be added to many highlights. You can include stuff in numerous highlights if it fits into more than one category.

Carefully consider the order in which you present your highlights. The first (or oldest) highlight album will always appear on the far right of the banner when adding additional albums. Create your highlights with a plan in mind to avoid burying the most crucial information. Create the less important highlights first if you want five or more, and save the most crucial ones for last.

Your content strategy should also consider the order in which stories are added to a spotlight. In a highlight, the most recent post you made will appear first. As a result, the first item you ever highlighted will also be the last item you ever see in that highlight album. If the highlight contains instructions or tutorials that must be viewed in a specific order, upload them backwards.

The highlight album’s name (rather than the account’s username) and its cover image appear in the top left corner of the screen when watching a highlight. There is still a chance to mark yourself and stand out, despite the limited character count of 16. It’s also a fantastic reason to make sure each highlight has a striking, memorable cover.

Make use of the story links feature (for instructions on how to add a story link, check out this page) to generate profile highlights that drive visitors to your site. This strategy may be used to advertise anything on your site, including blog pieces, products, and courses.

This Kitchn feature, for instance, features a clickable link that directs readers to the site’s slow cooker recipes.


Using Instagram’s new Highlights feature in innovative ways can greatly enhance your marketing strategy. Put this space to good use by promoting your brand, gaining followers’ trust, and sending them to your website via Instagram.

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