Tips for Increasing Your Followers Through Instagram Stories

Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. The Stories function of the photo-sharing app was released to the public in August of 2016.

From 300 million in October 2017 to 400 million in June 2018, Instagram Stories has seen a meteoric rise in popularity.

Users may share media (pictures, videos, and text) for a limited time (24 hours) using the Stories feature. Stories on Instagram are entertaining and informative. You’re free to make them as imaginative and engaging as you like. As a result, your audience will have greater motivation to interact with you and revisit your page.

Stories may boost your company’s popularity, audience participation, and sales. In order to market their products and expand their fan base, the vast majority of firms now use Instagram Stories. Read on if you haven’t been doing it yet, or if you want some advice on how to completely include it into your social media content strategy.

Here’s how you utilise Instagram Stories to get more followers.

Highlights from the Story of Leverage
Did you know that you may extend the 24-hour window in which your Stories are viewable by your audience? To do this, all you have to do is click the “Add to Highlights” button. In your profile, under “Highlights,” you may find your own personal Stories.

You can make your content timeless by using Instagram’s Highlights feature to compile several Stories for your audience to view at their leisure.

Your Highlights should serve as a preview for your story. To draw in customers, you need to think beyond the box while displaying your goods.

Expert interviews or exclusive content from events you attended might also be included. Showcase images of happy consumers using your offerings. You might also think of showcasing some creative product applications.

Take and provide surveys; play and discuss trivia

You may increase interaction with your Instagram Story viewers by using the polling tool. You may learn more about their personality and the things they enjoy doing this way.

Using this selection, you can more easily create content that gets results. Customers become more invested in your business and provide valuable feedback when they are asked for their thoughts.

This approach is also a fantastic way to hear from consumers. Knowing how your online followers and consumers see you may help you fine-tune your goods and zero in on the message that resonates most strongly with them.

Make use of user-created content

Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) is a terrific approach to use Stories to engage and grow your audience. Insist that your customers include your goods in their Stories and mention your company whenever they do so.

If you want people to talk about their positive experiences with your products, you may incentivize them to do so. You may give them anything for free or even give them a shout-out on your Instagram if they help you out.

Using content created by users is an efficient use of your time. You can advertise your wares without coming across as overbearing. It’s a great way to establish trust and credibility with your audience.

Leverage Stakeholders

Most social media sites now employ influencer marketing as a means of promoting brands and products. Instagram Stories may be used more effectively in influencer marketing initiatives than competing platforms like Snapchat. It can help you reach more people and boost conversions by making your items more discoverable to shoppers.

There are two methods to use Stories for influencer marketing:

Your influencers may help spread the word about your products by posting videos or photographs to their Stories.

Alternatively, you may commission influencers to produce original Stories featuring your business.

If money is tight, you may want to try partnering with “micro-influencers.” Since micro-influencers are more affordable to work with and typically have greater engagement rates than more well-known influencers, they can help you create a better return on investment (ROI) from your influencer initiatives.

To reach more individuals, though, you will need to collaborate with more of them. To assist you expand your campaigns’ reach, you may choose to hire an influencer marketing agency.

Get your influencers to mention your company in a Story by having them tag your brand. Ask them to feature your brand’s hashtag or website URL in their Stories.

Recount Private Experiences

Humans are naturally inquisitive and like to know how things function. You may pique their interest in your business or products by telling them tales about your customers’ experiences, the manufacturing process, or even the people who work for you.

    You can humanise your brand and strengthen your connections with your audience by sharing behind-the-scenes Stories with them.

    Use Video while Telling Tales

    The rapid growth of video’s popularity is astounding. The majority of data transferred over the internet will be videos by 2021. Instagram’s Stories feature allows users to broadcast both recorded and live video. That being said, neither medium should be ignored.

    Instagram is quite congested. Live videos are a fantastic tool for raising awareness and standing out from the crowd. There is no way you won’t stand out, even if your field has a lot of other contenders.

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