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Marketing Tools for Instagram to Increase Return on Investment and User Engagement [Free & Paid]

Users have a significant hurdle in standing out on Instagram because of the app’s ever-evolving algorithm. There has been extensive use of the system for quite some time. Monthly use amounts to over 1.47 billion users.

When you don’t have the correct Instagram marketing tools at your disposal, promoting your company on the platform might seem like a lot of hard work, though it doesn’t have to be. Using Instagram marketing tools is a good idea if you want to increase your interaction and your number of followers.

The greatest Instagram marketing tools for planning, tracking, selling, analytics, and more are compiled here.

The advantages of utilising Instagram advertising tools

The use of Instagram marketing tools facilitates the smooth launch of campaigns that yield demonstrable results on the network.
They make it easier to evaluate the success of your Instagram marketing strategy.
Instagram marketing tools include a variety of functions, from assisting with the discovery of relevant company hashtags to the scheduling of posts and the creation of custom links to increase followers.
The best results may be obtained by combining distinct aspects of each of these marketing strategies for Instagram.
They inform you of the optimal times to share content on social media in order to maximise engagement.
They’re especially useful on social media platforms like Instagram, where every company competes for the same limited amount of attention from users.
In this way, you may put out your best effort at the times when your intended audience is most active online, as revealed by the aforementioned technologies.
In this way, they aid in promoting Instagram posts on other social media sites.
They can guide you to the most fruitful Instagram posts. Examining the performance of various posts can help you determine the most effective strategies for promoting your company on various social media platforms.

Applications for Instagram Businesses

If you’re a marketer looking to monetise your brand’s presence on Instagram, check out the options Instagram provides within the app.

  • Business Profiles (Free)
  • Insights (Free) (Free)
  • Promote (Free) (Free)

Business Profiles (Free)

You can promote your Instagram posts and run ads on the network, add links to Instagram Stories, tag items in your pictures, and more all by creating an Instagram business profile for your company.

Insights (Free)

With Insights, you can analyse your Instagram activity and learn more about your audience and the characteristics of engaging posts. Among these realisations are

  • Measurement and analysis of the listening public
  • An analysis of the results
  • Analysis of narratives
  • Reelsanalytics
  • Analytics for Instagram Live
  • Analyzing Ads on Instagram

Promote (Free)

This is the quickest approach to turning an Instagram picture into an advertisement. To advertise an existing content, all you need to do is pick your audience based on age, geography, hobbies, and gender and choose the time period to be promoted for.

Because of the frequent evaluations performed by the Facebook team, all promotions must adhere to Facebook’s Advertising Rules.

Scheduling Apps for Instagram

Sked Social (Paid)

You can organise and schedule your Instagram posts with ease with Sked Social. Whether you want to submit the images immediately or schedule them for a later time, you may upload them all at once. It’s a great tool for marketers since not only can they upload content over the web, but they can also receive email alerts when their content is ready to be published.

Later (Paid)

Instagram scheduling has never been easier than with Later. The vast majority of marketers have warmed up to its enticing UI and drag-and-drop calendar.

The calendar view in Later simplifies planning. Using its grid preview, you may organise your visual material more efficiently and quickly locate certain pieces of information.

Later’s ability to generate one-of-a-kind connections through the use of a Link in bio is enticing since it increases the likelihood of conversion by driving qualified visitors to each of your articles.

Visual Instagram Editing Apps

Layout (Free)

Instagram has its own software called Layout that lets you merge numerous photographs into one. Although it serves a very particular purpose, it opens up new ways to utilise your already existing photographs and photos to produce a gorgeous Instagram post. It’s totally cost-free, and it works with both iOS and Android.

Boomerang (Free)

Instagram’s video app, called Boomerang, allows users to shoot and edit short looping clips in a matter of seconds. It may also help you make a short film out of a collection of still photographs. Infusing your writing with movement. It’s free, and it works with both iOS and Android.

VSCO (Free)

If you’re a fan of Instagram’s filter options, you’ll love VSCO, a social network that doubles as a photo editor. It’s a great way to add professional polish to your edited photos. With its high-quality filters, you can make any photo look like it was made for Instagram.

Tools for Analyzing the Success of Your Instagram

Wishpond (Paid)

Wishpond’s Instagram contest feature makes it simple and organised to host a hashtag competition on that platform. Gather all the Instagram photographs that have been tagged with a specific hashtag.

By making brand-following participation mandatory, you may further narrow the pool of contest entrants to those who are truly interested in your product or service. Wishpond can make your Instagram competitions more efficient and successful in this way.

Yotpo (Paid)

Yotpo is a popular alternative for Instagram advertising since it combines user-generated content management with advertising.

Using its administration panel, you can track down user-generated material, secure the necessary permissions to utilise it, and then transform it into highly targeted advertisements that will help you market your brand directly through the content of your customers.

Mulpix (Paid)

Mulpix is an effective Instagram search engine that allows you to find fresh material by searching across various hashtags. In addition to searching for photos, you can also look for certain words or phrases inside captions, tags, and mentions, making this an excellent Instagram marketing tool for those who manage their brand’s content.

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