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How Do You Pick The Perfect Instagram Handle?

The handle you choose represents you online and sets you apart from everyone else. Instagram has close to a billion monthly users, so being seen is essential. Having a unique Instagram username also helps you stand out to your followers. Imagine it like you would a clever company name. People are more likely to remember you if your handle is catchy.

Instagram: What’s a Username?

Your Instagram handle serves as your username. It’s something just you and your account have, and it represents who you are to your followers.

The majority of Instagram accounts are based on a variant of the user’s real name, the name of the user’s business, or the content the user plans to post, such as doglover20.

You were probably prompted to choose a username for your Instagram account right after you signed up. You are not stuck with your current Instagram handle if you are unhappy with it.

An Instagram handle is a unique identifier that may be used to visit a user’s profile, much like a phone number or web address. No one else uses your handle but you. The Instagram search box is where people will look for you if they wish to follow you.

What Makes a Good Instagram Name?

A strong Instagram username is an important part of your online identity.

First, simplify.

Instagram handles, like URLs and company names, benefit from being short and easy to remember.

The maximum number of characters for an Instagram handle is 30, although you probably won’t need that many. Longer handles are more likely to be mistyped or forgotten.

Use Keywords as a Search Tool

If the Instagram handle you want is already used, or if you’re starting a curation account, you might want to create a username based on a term. Posting on vehicles, for instance, could necessitate a Google search for “car” to see what results show up.

Make It Exceptional, Third

You don’t have to overcomplicate things to get a distinctive Instagram handle. While simplicity in a username can help your followers remember it, a little of mystery never hurts. When deciding on an Instagram account, for instance, OUAI haircare didn’t just choose “OUAI.”

Maintain Uniformity

In today’s interconnected society, you probably use many social networking platforms. Perhaps you even have your own website where you can tell people all about your company. Customers want a uniform experience across all of your digital channels.

It’s confusing if someone is using the moniker “TheOuai” on Instagram yet “OUAI-Haircare” on Facebook. It will be more difficult for others to locate you if each of your titles is unique. Maintain consistency in how your brand is represented across all mediums.

Put no limits on your creativity

Finally, keep in mind that you’ll probably be using this Instagram username for a while. Keeping this in mind, it’s not a good idea to limit yourself to just one service or one geographic area. Business_shoes is a catchy name for a shoe dropshipping firm, however it doesn’t make much sense if you expand into other product categories in the future.

For the same reason, limiting your brand’s growth potential by include a place in your Instagram handle like “NY” is not a good idea.

Instagram Names:Concepts

Now that you know the basics of creating an Instagram handle, it’s time to look at some examples. Once you’ve got the hang of things, you may start investigating different types of marketing, such as Instagram automation and Instagram themes. Some of the most popular Instagram profiles are listed here.

How to Get a Better Instagram Name

When it comes to marketing yourself on Instagram, your Instagram account is one of the most important things you can have. It’s crucial to select a name that resonates with your intended market from the get-go. It’s important to give your customers and followers prior notice if you’re going to be changing your username.

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