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Why Businesses Care About Instagram Engagement Rates?

Instagram interactions vary in their value to your business. Follows, likes, comments, video views, profile visits, etc. are all forms of Instagram interaction, but engagement rates are the only ones that really count to companies.

Is it possible to define the Instagram participation rate? Instagram engagement may be measured in a few different ways, but in general it is the number of people that interacted with a post or account divided by the potential audience size. There may be higher engagement rates in some fields and with some firms, but as a rule of thumb, anything above 2% is doing well.

Here are 5 explanations why small businesses should care about their Instagram engagement rates
For commercial purposes, the most important indicator on Instagram is engagement rates. Monitoring Instagram account and post engagement rates may seem like an unnecessary extra step for your business, but there are several advantages to doing so.

Get More Clients

If your company has a high rate of interaction, it is more likely to gain new clients. How? Your Instagram account will grow thanks to the actions of your followers who engage with your content by like, commenting, and sharing it.

Conduct Market Research

You may learn more about your clients and their interests by conducting some basic market research, which can be as simple as monitoring interaction rates. If you want to know what your consumers care about, just look at the Instagram photos that got the most likes and comments and incorporate those ideas into your social media content plan.

Social Media Efforts

Social media efforts may be prioritised by evaluating Instagram engagement rates and learning which sorts of content and posts are most successful for your audience. If you see that your Instagram videos are the most popular, you’ll know that more video material should be produced.

Increase Credibility

For a company’s credibility, it’s not enough to have a large number of followers; they also need to have a high rate of interaction with those followers. Customers pay attention to these kinds of details, and they may suspect that a business is using false followers if it has a large number of followers but few comments or likes on its postings. Keeping your Instagram interaction rate high will increase your brand’s credibility.

Raise Revenue

How does the number of people who interact with your posts on Instagram influence revenue? Customers’ enthusiasm for and participation in your social media activity may boost revenue in two ways. The first benefit of consistent content consumption is that it keeps your brand in the minds of your target audience. Second, if people enjoy your social media material, they will be more inclined to believe that your items and services are also of high quality and buy from you.

Which Instagram Metrics Are Important for Businesses and Which Are Not?

Instagram video views may be the second most essential engagement measure, after the rate of interaction itself. According to Hubspot, Instagram posts that include videos receive twice as many likes and comments than those that only contain photos. You can make professional-looking promotional films with surprisingly little effort. If you want to make a video for Instagram but don’t have 3 minutes to spare, check out the Boosted app for pre-made video themes.


Finally, you may be startled by an Instagram measure that is largely irrelevant to businesses. Many people mistakenly believe that the number of their followers is crucial to the success of their business while in fact, this is not the case. While it’s natural to desire to increase your community size over time, it’s preferable to do it gradually while keeping your engagement levels high. Your business’s interaction rate will suffer and your account will be viewed less frequently if it has a large number of inactive followers.

The TakeawayThere are a wide variety of Instagram engagements, but not all of them are created equal. Focus on getting plenty of Instagram likes, comments, and shares to learn more about your audience, develop new connections, and, ultimately, boost sales.

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