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How to Maintain Follower Engagement and How to Control Instagram Direct Messages from Your Computer?

When it comes to social media, Instagram is right up there with the best of them. Until recently, Instagram’s direct messages—one of the app’s most popular features among marketers and creators—were only accessible from mobile devices.

Instagram’s desktop messaging feature debuted in April 2020. As a result, businesses have a wider range of alternatives at their disposal when responding to consumers. This is fantastic news, as it may be difficult to manage hundreds of direct messages on a mobile device alone.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to set up Instagram direct messages on your computer and how to best organise your inbox to increase interaction.

Just what does it mean when someone says “DM” on Instagram?

Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram function like email inboxes, allowing you to communicate with specific users without their content being publicised on your profile or in search results. If you have a smartphone or computer, look for the paper aeroplane in the upper right corner of the screen.

Several Reasons Why It’s Awesome for Companies to Manage Instagram Direct Messages from a Computer

In spite of the fact that some DM capabilities are still exclusive to the mobile app, companies, influencers, and anybody else who sends and receives a lot of DMs can benefit from managing their Instagram DMs on a computer.

Quickly and correctly answer to clients with the desktop version and your keyboard. As a result, you may focus on other elements of your organisation and still make a strong connection with your target audience.

To top it all off, you may streamline your social media operations by incorporating them into your existing process.

Instagram Direct Messages: Sending and Receiving on Your Desktop PC or Mac

Direct Messages on Instagram may be accessed from a computer or Mac with no additional software or hardware other than a web browser:

Launch your favourite web browser, navigate to, and sign in to your account there.
To use Instagram Direct, go to your profile and select the paper aeroplane symbol.
With Instagram Direct, unopened messages appear at the top. To send a direct message, select the pencil and paper symbol to create a new message, and then select Send Message. You may then privately message any brand or individual that you follow by entering their username in the corresponding box.

By selecting the paper aeroplane symbol that appears underneath each post, you may attach images, GIFs, and even Stories to them. To DM someone else’s material, click the share button and provide the user’s username.

Up to 32 people can be added to your Direct chat on Instagram. On the desktop, the hamburger symbol located next to the respond button allows you to like, forward, copy, and report a direct message. In addition to resending your own direct message, you may simply erase the entire thread and start again.

A Windows User’s Guide to Direct Messages on Instagram (PC Only)

Free versions of the Instagram app may be found on the Microsoft Store and other websites, such as Softonic. For optimal performance, the programme requires Windows 10 version 19041.0 or later and at least 2 GB of RAM.

Instagram Direct Messages: Four Top-Notch Desktop Tips

Make sure you’re not missing any interactions from your followers if you want them to keep interacting with your brand. Maintain an up-to-date company profile and plan for regular interaction with customers.

Here are four tips to bear in mind while handling direct messages on Instagram from your computer:

Instagram Direct Message Alerts Should Be Enabled

Don’t miss a direct message—enable alerts. Make sure the “From Everyone” option is chosen in your account’s Push Notifications settings to get alerts about all incoming messages.

Construct Instagram’s Instant Responses

You probably get the same inquiries from various fans, just like other companies. Set up short replies so you don’t have to repeatedly type the same thing. You may set up quick answers, which are prewritten messages that will be sent in response to common Direct Message inquiries. As a result of this function, you may better manage your communications and respond to customers in a timely manner.

Create a Quick Reply in the following manner:

  • On the upper right of your screen, you should see a + symbol.
  • Construct a stock answer to the most common concerns of your consumers (FAQs).
  • Make a single-word shortcut that will take you directly to the desired message template.

Keep your Instagram direct messages professional

Engage in conversation with your consumers using the same tone that is used across your brand’s marketing materials. Make them feel like they’re talking to a genuine person and not a robot by displaying your individuality. Rather than employing complicated terminology that may confuse the reader, try sticking to brief, clear explanations.
If you want to gain and keep the attention of your audience, you need to be careful about the tone you employ. Stay away from sarcasm and avoid becoming too personal. That may make consumers angry and give your company a bad name.

Write a Formal Closing Statement

Thank the other person for their time, offer to assist more if necessary, and close by wishing them a good day. Make sure your writing is free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes that might detract from your credibility.

Summary and Implications

Improving customer service is just one more perk of using a desktop client to manage direct messages. By doing so, you may strengthen your connections with your audience and maintain their interest in your business. To manage direct messages on a computer, you can:

  • Make sense of your email chaos.
  • Don’t lose track of your incoming mails.
  • Improve your company’s ability to help customers by keeping an active presence.
  • Improve the user experience for your devotees.

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