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Instagram Content Strategy For Your Brand

Would you think there was a 400% increase in traffic? The study also looked at what age group has the most Instagram users. It’s interesting to note that 71% of 18-24 year olds are the most active Instagram users.

The intense rivalry among such a large user base was draining. With each passing day, marketers were more and more alarmed, and they began searching for the optimal Instagram content strategy for their brands. To get the most out of Instagram, we need have a targeted content strategy that is consistent with their algorithm.

How to Make Viral Posts on Instagram?

There is no single, ideal method for solving a problem or producing content. Here, though, we’ll go over a few guidelines that might serve as models for success in your role as a marketer or brand manager.

Schedule your posts ahead of time

What do you know!? The typical monthly frequency of Instagram postings has increased to 28. I mean, that’s a lot. How can you sync up without sacrificing participation? It can be exhausting at first, but after a while, things will begin to click into place. Simply making daily posts will enough.

Here, the question of how to guarantee daily publication of things like posts emerges. The simplest method to accomplish this is to plan out your postings a week in advance. We understand that the first steps can be a little scary. But the outcomes of strategic content preparation will astound you.

Keep in mind that your content is the primary manner via which your audience will engage with you. Because of this, settling on a theme and enabling the audience become accustomed to the same branding style, theme, etc. is crucial. Do you understand why we do that? In any case, we’ll inform you that these strategies will help your brand’s reputation flourish.

How to decide on themes is another commonly asked issue when it comes to content development. We suggest that you go with a monthly theme. For breast cancer awareness month (October), for instance, you may dedicate a week to stressing the significance of being tested, etc. You can give it a week, but make sure the brand is consistent with the content you provide.

Timely Draught Publication

The timing of your content strategy’s implementation is crucial to its success. The key is to publish or post material when your intended readers are most likely to be online.

Pay close attention to who you’re trying to reach. The easiest way to make things work is to do it again, so we are. If you want to reach a working-class audience, publish your material first thing in the morning or late at night. Otherwise, pupils should study in the afternoons or evenings.

Make good use of hashtags

Consider what you hope to achieve most with your Instagram posts. Maximum exposure is what most of you will suggest. If that’s your goal, then you need to start with the fundamentals. To begin, your brand will benefit in the long run if you provide material at optimal times. In addition, making use of the most pertinent and specific hashtags will yield excellent results.

The power of hashtags to spread your message far and wide is often overlooked. The following are some suggestions for improving your Instagram posts.

The number one piece of advice is to use popular hashtags (in your field). Maybe you like to play video games. A professional gamer, a badass gamer, etc.

The second piece of advice is to make use of the most popular generic hashtags. Happy, food, and love are all hashtags.

Promote your brand in your niche-focused Instagram page

Keep in mind that a post can only have 30 hashtags at most. However, excessive usage of hashtags is discouraged. The reason being that it gives off an unpleasant and spammy vibe. The optimal number of hashtags to use is between four and six.

Learn how to evaluate the results

Follow the outcomes closely. Track how well your content strategy is working. However, the real issue is how you’d go about doing it. Well, have a look at the data (remarks, views, engagement percentage, and new customers).

Participation Rate

How many people actively participated in a post. Simply divide the sum of your likes and comments by your exact number of Instagram followers to get your answer.


The comments reveal the thoughts and actions of the audience. It also shows how well received the post actually was at the time. The degree of resonance or connection between the brand and its audience is sometimes measured by the number of comments on a given post. Having more people remark on your post must feel great.


The “Instagram Insights” feature will tell you how many people saw your post. What does this unit of measurement represent? As for the precise amount of Instagram users who have viewed your post, that’s what it’s all about. Curiously, repeat visits from the same user will be counted as separate visits. In other words, if you view Followers Cart three times in a row, it will be recorded as three separate views and not just one.

Potential Customers Generated From Leads

Do you have a main page online? The one where you’re trying to make a sale of some kind… if so, then you should have no trouble finding new prospects. Sales-ready leads are just what you need. That’s why it’s crucial to coordinate your campaign’s linking strategy with your postings. Additionally, once your store or website is connected. You’ll definitely be interested in seeing how many people clicked on the shoppable link and made a purchase, right? Later is a third-party app that may be used to monitor Instagram’s referral traffic.

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