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The Age Group Instagram Ads Have The Greatest Impact On

We’ve all heard that Instagram is popular among teenagers and young adults. Statistics show that this is the case, with users aged 18–29 making up roughly 60% of Instagram’s user base, compared to just 20% of individuals aged 50 and older who use the service. Those figures are likely to be substantially higher among adolescents.

It’s hardly surprising that most companies using Instagram growth services are aiming for a younger demographic. After all, Instagram’s sponsored postings may have a major influence.

Who Actually Makes Up Most of Instagram’s Ad Audience

According to a recent article released by AdWeek, those in the oldest group, those aged 65–74, are “most likely to search out products after seeing Instagram promoted posts.”

Surprised? Many others were as well. People between the ages of 65 and 74 were twice as likely to do a product search on Instagram as the more desirable 18 to 24 year old demographic.

Furthermore, people aged 45–54 were the second most engaged demographic for this metric. The study found that the older the population, the more likely they were to desire to learn more about a product after watching a sponsored Instagram ad, with a steep drop-off in ad engagement for those aged 55–64.

While younger Instagram users may generate more likes and comments, older users are more likely to generate the leads and sales your business needs.

This does bring up some fascinating questions, though, so it’s not always a reason to scrap your sponsored Instagram post plan altogether.

After all, why are you paying to promote something on Instagram? Some companies only want to get more people to see their account and become followers, in which case your strategy doesn’t need to change too much.

For others, however, the goal of posting sponsored material on Instagram may be to boost traffic to the website and ultimately, sales. These results suggest that targeting an older audience may be an efficient method to increase return on investment.

Of course, not everything claims to be designed with the elderly in mind. However, many items might be as (or even more) attractive to the senior market.

Take the case of a lawn care business as an illustration. While it’s understandable to focus on time-pressed millennials, it’s important to remember that seniors also have a significant need for this kind of assistance. This service may be of particular interest to senior individuals who, because to decreasing health, are unable to maintain their lawn to their satisfaction.

What’s the fix? Using Instagram’s ad targeting features to zero in on your senior audience is a no-brainer, but you’ll also need to modify your message approach to keep your material fresh and interesting. AdWeek reports that photos featuring solely the product perform better with an older population than those include the model or the subject.


While it may seem counterintuitive to aim your Instagram ads at an older population, research suggests that people in this age group are more likely to engage with your ads. It may be worthwhile to target people over the age of 65 in your next Instagram advertising campaign if your product or service has any chance of appealing to them.

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