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The Top Facebook Analytics Apps, Free And Premium

The effectiveness of your social media strategy depends heavily on your ability to track and analyse data. With 2.93 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest network and the go-to platform for many major corporations.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of Facebook analytics tools available to help you make the most of your account. Since that most companies maintain profiles on several different social networks, it seems natural that some of these platforms provide statistics for all of them.

Analytics tools for Facebook that cost money

The finest things in life don’t always come for nothing. Not surprisingly, commercial programmes typically offer more functionality than their free counterparts. You may try them out risk-free to choose the one that best suits your requirements and preferences.

Studies From Regular People About Brands: Brandwatch

Data from more than 100 million websites and over 1.7 trillion postings in the past is mined by Brandwatch Consumer Research to reveal interesting facts about online consumers.

The programme lets you keep tabs on your own Facebook sites and observe how well they’re doing over time.

Engaged on your fan base, audience size, number of likes, and trending topics are just a few examples of the many analytics at your disposal.

See which individuals and articles are driving the discussion with the use of topic clouds, sentiment analysis, and posts that reflect your impact score, all available in Brandwatch Consumer Research.

Consumer Intelligence makes Facebook analytics as flexible and powerful as Brandwatch. Data may be sorted into manageable chunks with the use of tags, categories, rules, warnings, and signals. This way, you can quickly respond to crises and emerging trends by making sense of the vast amounts of data available on the internet.

Social Media Analytics for Brands using Brandwatch

For a more in-depth look into your audience and how they use social media, you can take a guided tour with Measure. As a result, the marketing staff is able to focus on what really matters: their primary tasks.


Discover more about the demographics and interests of your target audience. The software monitors your content’s reach (both paid and organic), engagement, and engagement kinds (different types of posts). SoTender also generates reports and data-driven suggestions.

If you’re working on a team, you may plan ahead to produce content and coordinate tasks efficiently.

Alerts may be set up, so you can monitor online discourse and respond appropriately to any bad feedback or potential crises.

The tool’s universal brand tracking capabilities make it ideal for researching the competition and gauging your own performance in the market.


Comes with a web-based dashboard that displays real-time analytics and gives in-depth information about your content and audience.

Included are sentiment analysis and an influencer score, as well as the ability to work together on projects as a team.

You can receive notifications whenever there is a problem. Like many other similar apps, this one supports numerous social media platforms. With Brand24’s mobile app, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to tracking your social media metrics.

Baking Sociability

Monitors your rivals’ and your own social media activity across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

This allows you to see how your Facebook analytics stack up against those of your rivals or focus only on your own page. You may use one of their templates, make changes, and save the result as a PDF. The location, number of followers, and rate of expansion are all included.

Time spent, kind of interaction, and percentage of responses are broken down, as is customary for such posts. An analysis of your top five most popular posts is also included (over the timeframe of your choosing).


There are two free Facebook tools provided by Agorapulse. You may find out if your page’s content is doing better than average and what metrics need improvement by using the benchmarking tool. With the second, you may host contests, quizzes, and prizes right on your timeline.

The primary suite serves as a Facebook manager and interaction platform among others.

Agorapulse keeps tabs on how quickly and how often you respond to interactions through their platform. Both the most influential users and the person who mentions you the most frequently are included in the tool.

Analytics at the page and timeline levels are included in the detailed reports.

There is a detailed analysis of how far each type of promotion went. The application also includes a calculator to help you choose the best sort of content to produce by calculating the return on investment in your Facebook advertising. The reports may be modified and saved as a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation.

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