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Using Facebook Advertising To Build A Video Sales Funnel

Facebook advertisements with wide targeting may be the new craze, but micro-targeted sales funnels still have their place. There are several approaches, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s use a video funnel.

The one drawback of video view custom audiences is that it is impossible to infer anything about a user’s interest just by the fact that they are part of a given audience. That someone saw an entire video is the most you can assume. But how useful is it, really?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not support the development of custom audiences based on video views, so you cannot target only the individuals who have seen several videos in a given time period. I think it would be fantastic if there were a frequency component
Frequency is a statistic for Facebook advertising that is computed as (Impressions/Reach) and indicates the typical number of times a person has viewed your ad.

Hence, the next best thing is to make a funnel. The only people who will make it through the funnel are the ones who view all of your videos.

You can make your funnel as complex and as lengthy as you like by incorporating videos and various phases. Hereinafter the Blog Entry

Always have new videos available

You could create a funnel based just on advertisements, but I think that’s more trouble than it’s worth. From that point on, the top of your funnel is totally reliant on your advertising budget.

For your initial rollout, I suggest going the organic route. Every day, I upload 1-2 Reels on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This is what goes into the funnel’s opening.

In addition, I’ve only just begun advertising some of these Reels. This ensures that there are enough individuals to target at the bottom of the funnel, regardless of whether engagement with the videos is paid for or organic.

Separate Those Who Have Seen 95% of a Recent Video

Let’s make a targeted video viewing audience consisting of those who have seen a recent video in its entirety. Make a new targeted audience under Audiences, and make sure Video is selected as the Meta source.

A retention period should then be established. A viewer’s average time spent in your audience after seeing your video. With a 7-day retention, any viewers who have seen one of your chosen videos in the last week will be counted. There will be a live refresh here.

Your responsibility for retention. The reason I choose seven is that the most recent items are prioritised. It’s possible that the relevance might plummet for viewers who have seen a video a long time ago if you used 365 or 180 and chose recordings from the last year.

If you want to attract new viewers who have only seen your videos recently, remember that you must constantly refresh this group.

Direct your initial marketing efforts towards this demographic.

The second phase of our advertising funnel is to get our first ad in front of this targeted demographic.

If you’re interested, I also prepared a blog post specifically on how to find the most active users of your Reels and market to them.

I go for the “Awareness” goal
Your Facebook ad’s ultimate purpose is to achieve the campaign objective. The optimization and shipping possibilities are affected by your choice.

Remove From Society the People Who Have Seen 95% of THAT Video

Although we have touched on the need of segmenting this group, you need to cater to not one but two distinct groups of people. The first one is for use in Stage 3’s exclusion procedure.

Using a year, I can guarantee that no one will see my advertisement more than once, provided they view my entire video. By adjusting the retention, I can make sure that people who see my video are more likely to see my ad again 60 days after they first saw it. Perhaps that’s not a problem at all.

Aim Your Product’s Marketing Efforts towards This Audience

Step 4’s audience should now be the focus of product promotion efforts.

The second audience we identified in Step 4 should be our focus. If you watch my “Are You My People?” commercial until the end, you may be subjected to my product ads for the next 21 days. Members of my Power Hitters Club – Elite (which I am advertising) are specifically excluded from this effort.


If you wanted to, you could have taken it a few of steps farther. The idea is that it’s possible to accidentally view a single video, especially a brief one. Nevertheless, if you make the process more complicated, individuals will have to watch more videos, which increases the possibility that they will be fully invested in the experience and ready to make a purchase.

This funnel’s price tag will logically increase in proportion to the number of stages it entails. For higher-priced items, that may be feasible. To reach the most appropriate audience at the very end of the funnel, it may make sense to increase spending on the earlier stages of the process.

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